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The Government Issues a Warning Against Gambling and Betting Advertisement

Government Issues Warning

In anticipation of major sporting events like the Asia Cup and the World Cup (both cricket tournaments), the Indian government has issued a stern warning to media outlets on publishing or airing advertisements from online betting platforms.

The government warning noted that failure to comply may lead to legal consequences for those media outlets that don’t comply with this advisory.

Who Is This Warning For and What Are the Consequences?

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory to various media platforms, including television channels, newspapers, digital media outlets, and social media. They are urged to immediately cease the dissemination of advertisements and promotional content related to online casinos and other gambling and betting platforms in any format. Non-compliance could result in the government taking legal action under a range of statutes.

The advisory points out a surge in advertisements related to betting and gambling during significant sporting events, particularly cricket tournaments like the Asia Cup and the World Cup.

Why Did the Government Issue the Warning?

The advisory underscores the substantial socio-economic and financial risks associated with these advertisements, particularly for young people and children. It also highlights potential links to money laundering networks, which could jeopardize the country’s financial security.

This isn’t the first time such advisories have been issued. The Ministry previously issued similar warnings on three occasions, which happened in June and October 2022 and earlier this year, in April.

These advisories reiterate the illegality of betting and gambling activities and emphasize that promoting such activities on media platforms violates different statutes, including the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, and the Press Council Act of 1978.

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