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Cross-Game and In-Game Gamification – The Future of Online Slots?

In-Game and Cross Game Gamification of Online Slots

In the ever-increasing industry of casino games, online casinos and software providers have to constantly find ways to stand out from the competition. One of the ways to do so is to work on further personalisation and gamification of online slots since they are the most popular and numerous of all casino games.

After all, in 2022 alone, more than 6,500 new casino games were launched, with nearly 90% of them all being online slots. According to and their interview with Stian Enger Pettersen, Head of Casino at EveryMatrix, in-game jackpots are one of the ways to improve players’ experience.

Recognising the Potential of Gamification

According to Pettersen, EveryMatrix launches almost 300 new games per month, but according to their data, in-game jackpots are only present in 2% of all those games. This clearly leaves a lot of room for innovation and growth when it comes to gamification of online slots and that is exactly what Pettersen expects.

He feels that more and more slots will take advantage of potential gamification elements, like customisable jackpots and other cross-game and in-game elements.

The Key Is to Focus on the Individual

Pettersen believes that the future of iGaming will revolve around the individual, with online slots and games offering functionalities that focus on a single player rather than a collective. Personalised, interactive features in addition to in-game jackpots can elevate online slots from one-dimensional products and make them into a multi-layered experience.

Statistics Prove the Value of Gamification and Personalisation

Looking at different studies and statistics, we can see that today’s users expect personalisation, regardless of the industry. For example, research by Shopify concluded that 73% of all users want brands to understand their specific and unique needs.

The same goes for iGaming industry, where gamification is one of the key trends for the industry, along with personalisation. After all, brands that accept personalisation have a better chance to grow as a recent study from McKinsey & Company showed.

In-Game Jackpots as Marketing Tools

With the potential of in-game jackpots to attract players, they can also serve as long-term marketing tools for operators that want to promote specific content and make sure that their games have a longer shelf-life.

This is also where personal jackpots come in very handy, taking the concept of in-game jackpots to a new level of innovation and ensuring long-term loyalty from the players. After all, players can find value in having the opportunity to personalize the game and in-game jackpots, whether we’re talking about playing styles or betting levels.

Of course, the operators have total control when it comes to what can be personalised and configured by players, but the players still get a chance to feel unique and catered for.

Cross-Game Gamification Opportunities

In-game jackpots can turn into company-level jackpots in a cross-game gamification process, allowing the operators to build an intrinsic net of online games that players want to be a part of.

This, along with substantial player prize pools, will help the operator stand out from the rest and attract new players, with each of them contributing to the size of the jackpot regardless of the game they play.

The Future of Online Slots Is Now

While gamification and personalisation are still in their infancy, it is safe to say that this trend is already on the way and that the future of online slots as Pettersen envisions it has already started.

Those who fail to recognise this will be left behind, Pettersen believes, and those who accept these changes and trends will lead the iGaming industry to new heights.

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