Is Online Gambling Legal In India?

Whether you are a beginner in the world of casinos or just someone fascinated with online gaming, surely this question has run through your mind before – Are online casinos legal in India? No matter which part of the country we belong to, friends get together or a family dinner is incomplete without a game of cards.

In fact, the festival of Diwali is celebrated with card games with family and friends. We all have our favourites – Satte Pe Satta, Teen Patti, Bluff, Dehla Pakad, Rummy and so many others. Well, today we shall look into the legislation, rules and other aspects of Indian online casinos.

Is Online Gambling Considered Legal in India?

Well, the answer to this question is not all that straightforward. It is, in fact, quite complex and confusing. Let’s look at the dynamics of whether online casinos are legal in India.

First, there’s the Public Gambling Act of 1857 that prohibits the owning or operating of any public gaming unit. However, it does not comment on online casinos or the internet platform for gambling.

The Lotteries Act of 1998 allows Indian states to operate and run lotteries. However, going a step further, the state of Sikkim has introduced its own gambling regulations that allow betting on sports. They have also included in the act the act of online gambling.

Suffice to say that online gaming is not regulated in India, and there is still a question on its legalities. In addition, there is no ruling that prohibits Indians from playing foreign online casinos.

How Do I Deposit and Withdraw Indian Rupees with Online Casinos?

You could try Visa or Mastercard cards. Something the transactions bounce back depending on the platform, but you could certainly give it a try. Casinos from all over the world are increasingly allowing deposit in INR to cater to the swelling Indian market.

Logic says that if you deposit Indian Rupees through a certain method, you can also withdraw your proceeds using the same method. Digital currencies like Bitcoin can also be used.

Which Are the Best Online Casinos in India? What Games Can I Play in Indian Online Casinos?

While there are numerous online casinos in India, the ones that have built a good reputation and users base are Royal Panda, Betway, LeoVegas India and a few others that are reviewed on our website. These casinos offer all the games and accept various methods of deposit for INR.

Some of the popular games available across new casinos online are Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, and a score of Live Poker games such as Three Card, Texas Hold ‘Em, Stud Poker among many others. An online casino India also offer various games on slot machines.

What Bonuses Do Indian Online Casinos Offer?

Various casino bonuses are given on signing up, as well as free spins on slot machines. Joining bonuses are usually 100 per cent of deposit amount, up to a certain limit. The festive season may bring up to 200 per cent deposit bonuses with certain terms and conditions on wagering requirements, timelines etc.

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